The hazardous environments of the mining industry can present extremely difficult and potentially fatal working conditions. With machinery operating 24 hours per day 365 days a year in some of the most hostile environments imaginable, the threat of fire is constantly present. Tyco Fire Protection Products has focused on include Vehicle Protection and has developed the very latest solutions in this field. In response to the mining industry's need for vehicle fire protection, the first ANSUL vehicle fire suppression systems was developed and introduced in the 1960s. The ANSUL A101 (dry powder) and LVS (Liquid Vehicle  System) provide the optimum protection for the challenges faced by off road vehicles, such as those used in mining, quarrying and forestry. The FM approved A101 dry powder system rapidly knocks down fires, whilst the LVS system has exceptional cooling properties enabling machinery and equipment to be back in operation fast.

    Continuous use of equipment in high hazard environments
    Overheating of equipment when used 24/7
    Equipment parts can get exceptionally hot especially engines
    Turbo chargers and maifolds can generate flashpoints
    Brakes can heat up to the point to cause fires
    Hydraulic fluid, diesel fuels, lubricating oils and Class A fuels are a constant source of potential fire
    Fire can lead to equipment downtime and loss of revenue
    Expensive repairs, downtime and costly insurance premiums
    Possible injury and death to operators and miners
    Explosive equipment in use

  • Ansul R102, Pirhana and Kitchen Knight Restaurant Suppression
  • CHECKFIRE Detection and Control Systems
  • Grinnell Grooved Piping
  • LVS Liquid Agent Vehicle Fire Suppression
  • Mechanical Piping
  • Portable Extinguishers
  • Triple IR Flame Detection
  • Metal Framing & Supports
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