Distribution warehouses can vary enormously in size and process, some being fully automated and often requiring specialist platforms for working at height. Height is also a factor when planning fire detection and protection systems  warehouses can be very challenging. Also the sources of fire can be many and varied in warehouses where a wide range of products are being stored.


Tyco Fire Protection Products can supply a range of fire detection and protection solutions for any application from fire detection systems to sprinklers to portable extinguishers. In warehouses and storage buildings, where ceiling heights can reach 34ft, we can provide our enhanced coverage EC-25 sprinkler system. This racking system sprinkler can be retrofit and offers a level of performance that requires less water over a larger coverage area with fewer branch lines; which means fewer sprinklers. In addition, we offer a range of valves and cabinets to supplement our sprinkler products. Our FireClass and Zettler fire detection and alarm systems provide a broad spectrum of control equipment and sensors to detect fires quickly and from a range of combustible materials minimising unwanted alarms. We have many solutions to meet the challenges of distribution centres and warehouses of all sizes and use.




    Storage of  various flammabale products from cardboard, paper to electrical products
    Fires starting in high- level racking and storage
    Identificairon of the source of fire in high-bay warehouses


  • AquaMist Watermist System
  • Conventional and addressable fire detection systems - Fire Class & Zettler
  • Gaseous suppression - Inergen, I3, Sapphire
  • Grinnell Grooved Piping
  • Mechanical Piping
  • Portable Extinguishers
  • Storage Sprinklers
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