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Hotels, restaurants, stadiums, etc are places where people gather to enjoy themselves, and where their safety is paramount. Before any such venues can be open to the public fire safety for the protection of people is a pre-requisite..  The reliability of the system is paramount as its primary function is to protect life. It is therefore vital that the chosen system provides effective cover, performs reliably, and causes the minimum of disruption to the operation of the building and its occupants.. Guests inconvenienced if sleeping, eating in the restaurant, relaxing in the bar, or in a meeting or conference in one of the hotels meeting rooms. The hotel could be faced with dis-satisfied customers, and find themselves paying compensation and/or losing future custom. Tyco Fire Protection Products provides a range of fire protection solutions; fire detection systems that minimize unwanted alarms are essential for hotels and which can provide advance notification in the event of a fire. Specialist and fast acting fire suppression solutions for kitchen fires will reduce disruption to restaurants and sprinkler systems for hotels provide the essential life safety protection.


    Unwanted alarms
    Visitors in unfamiliar surroundings unaware of safety procedures
    Accidental or deliberate activation of the system
    Kitchen  or restaurant fires
    Storage of flammable materials - paper, cleaning products, linen
    Transient employees unfamiliar with fire safety procedures and equipment
    Visitors with disabilities unfamiliar with fire safety procedures

  • Ansul R102, Pirhana and Kitchen Knight Restaurant Suppression
  • Conventional and addressable fire detection systems - Fire Class & Zettler
  • Gaseous suppression - Inergen, I3, Sapphire
  • Multi- sensor detector (combines optical, carbon monoxide, heat) - 3oTec Detector
  • Portable Extinguishers
  • Residential sprinkler system - Rapid Response
  • Sprinklers and Piping Systems
  • Watermist suppression - AquaMist
  • Metal Framing & Supports
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