Healthcare  environments from hospitals to clinics to residential care homes have one thing in common – the wellbeing, care and protection of patients. Unlike most buildings where majority of occupants are able -bodied, this is not always the case in healthcare environments premises and this should be taken into account when designing the system. It is therefore important that patient needs are the first priority when designing a fire detection and protection solution.   
Disruption can be stressful to patients and it is therefore vital that the chosen system provides effective cover, performs reliably, and gives the maximum possible warning in the event of fire, given the additional difficulties in evacuating patients to safety.
Tyco Fire Protection Products have a range of solutions to meet the challenging requirements of hospitals, clinics, surgeries, residential care homes, etc. Ranging from fire detection systems monitoring thousands of sensors in multiple buildings to gaseous suppression solutions for  highly sensitive and medical equipment to residential sprinkler systems for care homes to kitchen suppression for industrial size restaurants in hospitals Tyco has a solution for your fire protection needs.
It’s not only fire safety which Tyco is an expert at but also general day-to day patient care and staff protection is enhanced and facilitated with Tyco’s Care communications systems that are used within the healthcare and public sector environments where the protection and care of people is paramount.

Our care communications solutions, from ZETTLER, are used in many working environments. We supply a number of systems that offer reassurance to patients who are part of the healthcare system, whether in a hospital, clinic or care home, by providing nurse call, bedhead services, patient entertainment systems and care telephone systems.

In addition, we also provide products that help deal with anti-social behaviour and zero tolerance through our staff attack systems for use in prisons, benefit centres and public places.

    Elderly or infirmed patients  may not be evacuated easily or quickly in an emergency
    Vulnerable patients and visitors, children and babies requiring supervision  and support in emergencies
    Storage of highly flammable medical gas are at risk of explosion in a fire situation
    Storage of flammabale products eg paper, wood  or chemicals can be easily ignited
    Anti-social behaviour towards staff
    Patients requiring attention​

  • Ansul R102, Pirhana and Kitchen Knight Restaurant Suppression
  • Conventional and addressable fire detection systems - Fire Class & Zettler
  • Gaseous suppression - Inergen, I3, Sapphire
  • Grinnell Grooved Piping
  • Multi- sensor detector (combines optical, carbon monoxide, heat) - 3oTec Detector
  • NurseCall Systems
  • Residential sprinkler system - Rapid Response
  • Sprinklers and Piping Systems
  • Watermist suppression - AquaMist
  • Staff Attack Detection Systems
  • Metal Framing & Supports
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