Educational establishments worldwide have a requirement to keep pupils and staff safe and  to protect the valuable assets including buildings and equipment safe from fire. Arson in schools in some countries has been an increasing problem
Schools are also quite diverse in their occupancy and physicality, a normal classroom is obviously quite different to a physics laboratory or a craft workshop.
During unoccupied periods a different set of rules may apply to the role of the fire protection system perhaps increasing in sensitivity, especially when for prolonged period the buildings may be empty during holiday periods. Minimising disruption to the school day as a result of unwanted alarms can be critical, especially during examinations and so the reliability factor is extremely important when selecting a suitable system.
At Tyco Fire Protection Products we have a range of solutions to address a wide range of risks and hazards from fire detection systems that need to address different environments from classrooms to dormitories to fire suppression solutions for IT rooms and libraries.


    Deliberate arson attempt
    Electrical  fire in main IT room 
    Kitchen fire caused by build up of grease in ducting spreading
    Burning cigarette left in living  / sleeping areas
    Kitchen fire in living accommodation
    Unwanted alarms through manual activation or unusual occurrence close to sensor
    Storage of flammabale products eg paper, wood  or chemicals for use in classrooms can be easily ignited
    Electrical applicanes generating heat and electricity that may burn or triger combustion
  • Conventional and addressable fire detection systems - Fire Class & Zettler
  • Ansul R102, Pirhana and Kitchen Knight Restaurant Suppression
  • Gaseous suppression - Inergen, I3, Sapphire
  • Grinnell Grooved Piping
  • Mechanical Piping
  • Multi- sensor detector (combines optical, carbon monoxide, heat) - 3oTec Detector
  • Portable Extinguishers
  • Residential sprinkler system - Rapid Response
  • Sprinklers and Piping Systems
  • Watermist suppression - AquaMist
  • Metal Framing & Supports
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