Overview Monitors are essentially high capacity water jets used for fighting a wide range of varied fire hazards. Both portable and fixed types are available and variations allow for them to aimed either manually or remotely. They also exist in a number of sizes that vary in water capacity (measured in litres or gallons per minute) and achievable distance or ‘throw’ (measured in metres or feet/yds.) The nozzle of the monitor is usually adjustable to change the water flow from fog or wide beam  to jet or straight beam to meet the immediate situation needs and increase the flexibility of usage.
Foam concentrate can also be added to the water (either upstream or in some cases through the monitor itself) this means monitors are often the method of choice for delivering a large amount of foam accurately to an area in the shortest time and from a safe distance.   Performance Monitors performance can be measured in capacity and range. Monitors are available that can deliver from less than 2000 Litres per minute (lpm) and up to 50000 lpm depending on the application hazard and system used.  Likewise monitors can be used on ranges of less than 10m whilst some have a throw of in excess of 130m.  Applications Monitors can be used in a wide variety of applications and a number of specific types exist to meet these needs. We can supply portable monitors, monitors on trailers, containers and monitors with water-driven oscillation. Manual types are generally designed to be operated by one fire fighter at the unit whilst hydraulic and/or electrical mechanically operated units can often be operated remotely safely away from the hazard. Further functionality can be added to these remote controlled systems such as automatic oscillation and automatic fire tracking. Smaller monitors may be used to control specific fixed hazards such as helideck operations whereas large portable monitors may be used in large scale incidents such as petro chemical storage and refinery fires, off-shore or marine.
Monitors are also frequently mounted on transportation vehicles that could include fire trucks, trailers and marine shipping  Key applications include: Refineries & Chemical Plants  Petrochemical, solvent LNG/LPG and other fuel Storage  Marine Ships/Tankers/Barges  Loading Docks Fire Trucks/ARFF Vehicles/ Crash tenders Fire Boats Aviation  Advantages Versatility:-monitors can be used on a number of different hazards, in many different applications and environments  Economy:- Fixed monitor installations require relatively little maintenance and limited manpower to operate  Varieties Offering a wide choice of design, specification, functionality and approval types, Tyco manufactures Monitors to address a wide range of applications and market needs under our SKUM, ANSUL, CHEMGUARD and WILLIAMS brands.
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