Unique tool for simpler commissioning of fire detection systems


​Tyco Fire Protection Products introduces the new 850 Engineering Management Tool (EMT) for easier commissioning and servicing of fire detectors. Part of its Generation6 fire detection range, the 850 EMT provides greater efficiencies, cost savings and safety in the commissioning of fire detection systems.

Traditionally a complex and time-consuming process, the 850 EMT greatly simplifies commissioning and servicing of fire detection systems. With the new tool, detectors are configured in-situ rather than in advance so costly errors in the positioning of the detectors are eliminated.  The two-way infra-red link allows the information to be easily updated, without the need for multiple engineers to check each detector and control panel simultaneously, reducing errors and minimising labour requirements. The EMT automatically interacts remotely with the new 850 and 830 detectors, showing all information clearly on a colour touch screen display.

At the start of commissioning, the site system details are downloaded to the control panel and the 850 EMT. Each detector remotely communicates with the tool, providing all the information an engineer would normally see at the control panel. Details can be confirmed or amended with the 850 EMT, and all information is automatically relayed to the control panel, saving hours of checking time. This also eliminates the need for costly scaffolding at the commissioning stage and improves health and safety by eliminating the need to work at height.

Engineers can also immediately retrieve all of the relevant information via the infra-red communication link between the tool and the detector. Any tests carried out on the detectors are logged on the EMT and the control panel instantly. This paper-free digital record keeping ensures less paperwork for engineers, and provides a full audit trail. It also makes any evidence-based checks much easier, as the tool provides a complete digital operators’ manual and independent test certificates for each system component, as well as a commissioning checklist on an easily accessible file. After commissioning, the EMT has an ongoing site management capability, recording annual service checks, which can be shared with customers when discussing planned maintenance requirements.

Eric Tassé, director of product management, fire detection, Tyco Fire Protection Products, comments, “The 850 EMT is a unique tool in fire detection. It simplifies the commissioning and servicing of fire detection systems, significantly reducing the labour required and eliminating entirely the cumbersome paper trail associated with the system set-up and maintenance phases. This tool, used in conjunction with the other products in the Generation6 range, demonstrates our commitment to making the installation and servicing of fire detection systems more efficient and safer for our customers.”

Further software updates are scheduled to be released later in the year, increasing the tool’s capabilities and ensuring that it is up-to-date for easier commissioning.

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