Tyco Extends Water Mist Offering For Offices With Aquamist Ultra Low Flow (ULF) Approved Solutions


AquaMist ULF for offices provides rapid, dependable fire suppression for working environments with limited and concealed spaces, including above-ceiling and below-floor void areas, containing electrical and data cables.

AquaMist ULF for offices is an FM Approved system offering a robust and reliable fire suppression system.  The integrated system includes other fire protection products and components from Tyco, such as fire valves, G-Press pipes and the Tyco AquaMist Control Center (MCC) pump set, which comes pre-assembled and factory-tested for ease of installation.
The system is further supported by components, which are FM and VdS Approved, including customized low-pressure nozzles producing a range of water droplet sizes, which are best-suited for the control of Class A fires.  Providing rapid suppression and a high cooling effect, the FM Approved AM-27 and AM-29 closed automatic nozzles and VdS Approved AM-28 and AM-30 nozzles give protection for high coverage areas.
The system’s low-pressure discharge and low water consumption helps to minimize damage to property and reduces clean-up costs and operational downtime.  “Our solution is suitable for complex office spaces, including voids, for which the AM-30 Ultra Low Flow AquaMist nozzle is specifically designed”, comments Álex Palau Bosch, Product Manager Water Mist.  In addition, smaller water storage tanks, pumps, pipes and fittings help to reduce space demand and installation costs.
For additional information regarding Tyco AquaMist Fire Protection solutions visit www.tycoaquamist.com.

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