Transition of the Firefighting Foam Industry from C8 to C6 Fluorochemistry


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​​Perfluorinated surfactants and low molecular weight polymers have been used for decades in the manufacture of synthetic firefighting foam concentrates, including aqueous film forming foam (AFFF), alcohol-resistant aqueous filmforming foam (AR-AFFF), and film-forming fluoroprotein foam (FFFP) concentrates. 

Other foams such as fluoroprotein (FP) and fluoroprotein alcohol-resistant (FP-AR) also incorporate perfluorinated chemicals for burnback resistance without film formation. AFFF, AR-AFFF, and FFFP are liquid foaming agents that, when sprayed on burning fuel, create a foam blanket that blocks oxygen supply to the fuel and creates a cooling effect, thereby suppressing the fire. In addition, these unique firefighting foams form a thin film on liquid fuel surfaces.

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TFPP C8 to C6 Transition Bulletin.pdfTFPP C8 to C6 Transition Bulletin.pdf

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