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​Tyco Fire Protection Products announces the launch of the Tyco DV-5 Red-E Cabinet; a fire protection package which offers the perfect technical design solution.  Combining clever engineering with design aesthetics.


The Tyco DV-5 Red-E Cabinet, is simple and effective. It combines a pre-assembled valve model enclosed within a free-standing, attractive red cabinet, designed to occupy minimal floor space and provide an enclosure for a fire protection valve rise.


The valve configuration is the fundamental technical engineering design feature and includes the system (manual) shut-off control valve, a downstream shut-off valve, an automatic water control valve with electric actuation with galvanized trim, and supervisory switches.


In addition to the control panel being integral to the DV-5 Red-E Cabinet, windows have been provided in the door for viewing essential system pressure gauges.  And locks for the cabinet door and the control panel (optional) access are standard.


The DV-5 Red-E Cabinet is easy to transport and install; the entire package is pre-wired and water inlet and outlets to the valve riser are grooved to reduce installation time. A weatherproof solution, the outdoor version of the DV-5 Red-E Cabinet has sealed doors and connections to the elements.


The product also offers peace of mind and quality European manufacturing and is designed, engineered, built and pre-tested at Tyco's Centre of Excellence for valve engineering in the Netherlands.  The Tyco DV-5 Red-E Cabinet is available throughout Europe and the Middle East.

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