TYCO Announces Two Redesigned ESFR Pendent Sprinklers for Warehouse and Storage Applications


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Tyco Fire Protection Products (TYCO), a global leader in fire suppression technologies, announces two redesigned Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) sprinklers: the Model ESFR-14 sprinkler (TY6236) with a K-factor of 202 (14.0) and the Model ESFR-17 sprinkler (TY7223) with a K-Factor of 242 (16.8) Pendent Sprinkler for warehouse and other storage applications. The Sprinklers are UL Listed and FM approved and provide the equivalent in fit and function as the Model ESFR-1 (TY6226) and Model ESFR-17 sprinkler (TY7226) respectively, with the same trusted and proven quality of all Tyco products.
The newly designed ESFR sprinklers provide more installation flexibility because of a profile that is 33% smaller than the older Model ESFR-1 sprinkler (TY6226) and Model ESFR-17 sprinkler (TY7226). The new sprinkler may be designed, installed and used as a direct substitute for the current sprinkler it replaces. The most notable difference between the old and new sprinklers is that the Model ESFR-14 sprinkler uses a bulb thermal element while the Model ESFR-1 sprinkler that it replaces uses a link.
The new models are listed and approved for a wide range of storage arrangements and commodity classing, including the most common storage materials, encapsulated and unencapsulated class I-IV commodities and expanded and unexpanded plastics. The new Model ESFR-14 sprinkler is cULus Listed for ceilings up to 10.7 m (35 ft) high and storage heights up to 9.1 m (30 ft). The new Model ESFR-17 sprinkler is cULus Listed for ceilings up to 12.2 (40 ft) high and storage heights up to 10.6 m (35 ft). Both the new Model ESFR-14 sprinkler and Model ESFR-17 sprinkler are FM approved for ceilings up to 12.2 (40 ft) and storage heights up to 10.6 m (35 ft).
Both sprinklers are available with either NPT or ISO threads and with ordinary and intermediate temperature ratings. The current Tyco Model ESFR-1 sprinkler (TY6226) and Model ESFR-17 sprinkler will be transitioned to the new models beginning November 17, 2014. The older versions and the new versions of the sprinklers can be installed in the same facility, and even mixed within the same areas, without any difficulties.
Contact Tyco Technical Services for the latest approval information. For additional information on the new Model ESFR-14 sprinkler, see datasheet TFP319, or Model ESFR-17 sprinkler, see datasheet TFP317, at www.tyco-fire.com
About Tyco Fire Protection Products
Tyco Fire Protection Products is a strategically aligned business unit of Tyco International with globally recognized products sold under leading brands, including ANSUL, CHEMGUARD, DBE, EZCare, FLAMEVision, GRINNELL, HYGOOD, NEURUPPIN, PYRO-CHEM, RAPID RESPONSE, SIMPLEX, SKUM, SPRINKCAD, THORN SECURITY, VIGILANT, and ZETTLER. Tyco Fire Protection Products produces fire protection, detection, and mechanical building construction solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental, and residential customers. Heavy emphasis is placed on research and development, resulting in innovations and global approvals. Key products include manual fire-fighting equipment, detection/suppression systems, extinguishing agents, sprinkler systems, valves, piping products, and fittings. For more information, visit www.tycofsbp.com.

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