TFPP showcases i-flows environmental capabilities at Intersec 2013


​Tyco Fire Protection Products will be showcasing its environmental capabilities at Intersec 2013 with the business’ latest innovation in engineered fire suppression, i-Flow technology. Suitable for use in specialised commercial and industrial applications, i-Flow systems use inert gases to extinguish fire, providing one of the safest and most natural methods with minimal impact on the environment.

i-Flow’s patented technological innovation incorporates three main elements working together: the i-Flow valve, the i-Flow check valve and the matrix cylinder racking design. The i-Flow valve regulates the flow and eliminates the peak pressure spike associated with conventional orifice systems. VdS approved, the i-Flow valve limits the output pressure, even in the event of a discharge occurring against a closed distribution valve, making it one of the safest valves on the market.

The installation of the cylinders in the i-Flow system may also feature the i-Flow check valve, which connects elements of the system and also ensures the integrity of the system by preventing leakage. Developed with the latest technology, the check valve can be placed in any orientation, unlike standard units which can only be placed vertically.

i-Flow’s matrix cylinder racking design concept offers architects flexibility and adaptability when systems have to be installed in tight spaces. The design enables cylinders to be positioned in conventional rows or even arranged around columns fully utilising available space. As well as standard 80 litre cylinders, 140 litre capacity cylinders are available where space constraints demand a smaller footprint.

In addition to environmental, architectural and safety advantages, i-Flow technology brings cost benefits to end users. Installation costs are reduced due to lower venting requirements, smaller pipe sizes and of a lower grade.

“As the industry increasingly turns to green technologies, we are committed to developing environmentally friendly products that reduce the use and generation of hazardous substances,” comments Alan Elder, Director of Engineered systems, Tyco Fire Protection Products. “The i-Flow system technology is a big step forward in the application of inert gas systems, offering opportunities to minimize disruption, due to smaller pipe size and reduced venting requirements.  We also continually strive to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions to facilitate the design and installation process for architects and contractors.”

“We look forward to welcoming people to our stand at Intersec and showcasing the innovative fire suppression solutions in our portfolio.”

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