Field Services

Our range of field services enable us to support our customers in the field with specialist services

Water Based Fire Protection Systems

• On site commissioning
• Support during testing
• On-site valve maintenance
• On-Site training sessions
• On-site QA and trouble shooting

Commercial Suppression Systems

• Room integrity / Door fan testing
• On site commissioning
• SAT support
• On-site QA Support

Foam Systems

• Bladder Tanks Service
» Filling and re-filling (bladder) tanks
» Replacing Bladders
• Foam system commissioning/ testing
• Proportioning mixing measurements
• Foam sampling service
• Annual Field Service contracts for any foam system

Foam concentrate sampling and analyses service

• Annual Foam Sample Testing according
» EN-1568
» NFPA11
• Compatibility / miscibility testing
• PFOS/PFOA Testing
• Ageing Testing
• Hot Foam Testing
Foam Fire Performance Testing

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Field Services