Assembly Engineering

Tyco designs and manufactures standard and customized assemblies and skids providing:

• 3D Detailed drawings
• Wiring diagrams
• Documentation
• FAT protocol
• Packing, handling and loading instructions

Customised Alarm Valves Cabinets

We will design according your specification and wishes customized cabinets and build them in-house with the required Alarm valve and accessories. The cabinet is build, fully hydraulically and functionally tested before it will be shipped to the customers on-site. The cabinet is ready to be used and connected to the system.

Special Applications & Skids

Tyco provides specialist services in the design and build of specialist skid assemblies for all companies that manufacture, store, dispense, process or transport flammable liquids using;

• Containerized foam systems
• Electrical Pump Skids
• Water driven Pump Skids
• Diesel driven Pump Skids
• Bladder Tank Skids
• FJM-monitors with special features
• Higher grade material on standard products

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Assembly Engineering